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So you want things to be different, to be better – on the job, in your performance, in your career – but lack clarity, feel blocked or need inspiration. How about taking time with me?

Let’s sit down, reflect and move forward. You will experience more alignment, more inner strength, improved results.




As a coach I create a safe space for you to be you. My questions lead you to a new sense of clarity. You move forward naturally, not alone but in the lead.



In the role of sparring partner, 
I look with you at your business challenges. You can expect me to generate new perspectives and offer my creative input.



Though I lack the powerful 
forces associated with wizards, I am able to create nearly magical links between someone’s key strengths and the best-suited tasks.

Get to know me

A career path
that isn’t straight
and predictable is
actually quite normal.

… because you move forward
every time
you connect with me
at the round table



My three product lines present the scope of my services. Fully flexible, each line can be booked as a package or in single steps. I act as coach, sparring partner and talent wizard, depending on your needs and wishes.

For the reflective

Becoming Me

When you take time for honest reflection, you realize something isn’t right? That something needs to change? Work with me to reach a clear sense of Identity, Mission and Community.

Experience what difference this insight makes in your life at work – and beyond.

For Leaders

Leading Me

“If you can manage yourself, you can manage anyone” implies you can lead with greater impact by improving your self-leadership. Your default modes affect every work relationship.

Let’s identify these auto-pilot behaviors, discover what should remain – and what needs to change.

For Career Activists

Deploying Me

So you are ready to move on to a new role or new company – but first need to define your story and the target. And let’s face it: most of us don’t feel comfortable with self-marketing. 

With me you learn what and how to communicate – in order to win.


Clients’ words

Whether coaching, sparring, consulting or linking, I enable forward movement through communication mixed with something uniquely Matthew. Step ahead – as a leader, in your career, on LinkedIn – with your talents in hand and clarity in your head.



Matthew Hansen
Stubbenwiese 30
24568 Kaltenkirchen
+49 173 42 24 623



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