My three product lines present the scope of my services. Fully flexible, each line can be booked as a package or in single steps. I act as coach, sparring partner and talent wizard, depending on your needs and wishes.

For the reflective

Becoming Me

When you take time for honest reflection, you realize something isn’t right? That something needs to change? Work with me to reach a clear sense of Identity, Mission and Community.

Experience what difference this insight makes in your life at work – and beyond.

For Leaders

Leading Me

“If you can manage yourself, you can manage anyone” implies you can lead with greater impact by improving your self-leadership. Your default modes affect every work relationship.

Let’s identify these auto-pilot behaviors, discover what should remain – and what needs to change.

For Career Activists

Deploying Me

So you are ready to move on to a new role or new company – but first need to define your story and the target. And let’s face it: most of us don’t feel comfortable with self-marketing. 

With me you learn what and how to communicate – in order to win.

For the Reflective

Becoming Me

Something about your job life doesn’t feel right? Maybe you sense a gap, a mismatch of sorts between who you are and what you do.

Let’s face this together and work through it.
Reach a new sense of identity and personal
mission and learn what this could mean for life at work – and beyond.

The Becoming Me product line can be compared to a journey across a mapped landscape. Each pre-defined step (focal point) can be visited and experienced … or skipped. It all depends on the needs, wishes and resources of the client.

The three key themes of the journey are

Identity, Mission and Community

With how much clarity and conviction can you answer the questions presented in the following focal points? Do your answers need sharpening, more depth, deeper roots?

Spectrum of focal points:

Who are you really?

Reflect on up to 7 dimensions of personhood to find the answer.

What type of relationship currently exists between your identity and your personal mission?

Discover the relevance of your identity for your mission.

What does your mission mean in the context of work?

Ensure that your field of work and professional setting position you to fulfill your mission.

What obstacles impede your progress?

Navigate the natural traps and pitfalls of your personality and environment as you take steps towards a healthy middle.

Who and what contribute to your personal development?

No, you aren’t alone. Name and utilize your community of allies to move forward with power.

What weakens you and your resolve to grow and change?

Identify the influences that turn your energy and clarity into a muddle – and create a suitable strategy for staying in the driver’s seat.

What metaphor represents the whole of your person and purpose in this world?

Recap the key points with a creative spin and step forward towards powerful, consistent deployment.

For Leaders

Leading Me

Let’s assume the maxim “If you can manage yourself, you can manage anyone” is true. So, what does managing yourself mean in concrete terms?

The possibilities are numerous: from managing your talent, boundaries and emotions to seemingly less personal aspects of life such as time and interfaces.

Remember, the more you are in touch with yourself,
the more effective you can be in any environment.

Working together on just one topic can make all the difference between desiring change and actually experiencing it. Yes, this level of development often involves the challenging task of replacing one habit with another. Easy it is not, but fruitful and mutually beneficial. Your goal: being the best version of yourself as you interact with each person you lead.

Spectrum of focal points:

Identifying and Leveraging Talent – the ease of programmed success

Navigating Danger Zones – blind spots and traps

Protecting Self – by saying no

Understanding and Harnessing Emotions – using your feelings for good

Shaping Interfaces – the art of influence

Making Time – hours, days, weeks – Work For You

Creating Distance – make your space safe

Overcoming Obstacles – inner and external

Leading with Intent – from unconscious assumptions to conscious listening

Overcoming Fear, Gaining Safety – vulnerability’s beauty and significance

Integrating Life and Work – forget the balance as you pursue alignment

For Career Activists

Deploying Me

As one door closes, another opens. It’s time to move on – to a new role or a new organization. But smart moves and intelligent change are not automatic or easy. Let’s work together to make this step a good one. 

My support in brief: helps you gain clarity about yourself and your market, define what is relevant to communicate … and then figure out how to communicate in order to win!

My services – Outplacement, Career Consulting, Self-Marketing Support

– shorten the distance to your next right position and ensure you make an intelligent move smartly.

Spectrum of focal points:

Ensuring Alignment – name and match your values, talents, interests, and job

Making Sense of Your Future – choose to own your career and take the next steps

Spinning My Story – define and articulate the relevant Me

Defining Your Message – build an intelligent and consistent basis for all job search communication

Crafting a CV  – put the right message first as you leverage the potential of a dusty document

Positioning Online – move from standard to stellar with LinkedIn Profiling+

Building Bridges  – select and navigate the right channels to your target markets 

Doing Research  – go beneath the surface and across stepstones to gain better access 

Two-Handed Networking  – rediscover this critical element of job search with a new “how-to”

Pitching Me  – share your story with skill, in writing and verbally

The Interview  – transform your experience and performance in these gamechanger talks

Invest in yourself

What would you like to improve? In what topics do you feel shaky or unprepared?

Make investing in yourself a priority. Select one or two areas for development – and join me at the table to move forward with focus and efficiency.

Unique and competent

The name Matthew Hansen stands for quality, empathy and inspiring presence.

All this comprises the essence of Matthew. This portfolio is available to you. Remember, having someone accompany you can make all the difference.




Initial Call

Once your interest is ignited, it’s time to talk. During the no-cost call of up to 30 minutes, we consider together your spectrum of needs and possible steps forward. The call also serves as a chemistry check.


Process Start

After confirming the written offer, you schedule the first appointment – and the process begins. Depending on your focus, timeline and resources, my support can be brief (a few days) or lengthy (months).
Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Mid-term Review

For all processes with more than one focal point, a mid-way review is conducted to ensure alignment in terms of goals, timeframe, budget and satisfaction.



After the agreed services have been delivered, the decision is made to either stop the process as planned – or to continue with new focal points should the client desire.